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Volunteering in Kenya


It’s possible to volunteer at Blessed Generation in Kenya.  You can volunteer either in Ruiru, Nyamira or Malindi under the guidance of the local workers. By giving Blessed Generation your time, energy and expertise, you will have a priceless life experience in return.

There are different kinds of work activities for volunteers

  • Fundraising.
  • Organize creative and sport activities for the children.
  • Tutor the children: remedial teacher, support the teachers.
  • Technical and operational support for renovations.
  • Support the set-up of income-generating projects.
  • Organize workshops on a certain subject. For example, first aid, writing resumes and job applications, literature, music, the environment, Europe.
  • Do on-the-spot chores.

The children are taken care of by the local staff. By doing this we prevent the children getting too attached to volunteers.

Are you excited about volunteering and would you like to have more information? Just give us a shout.