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Income Generating Projects


To become less dependant on sponsors, Blessed Generation initiated several income generating projects. They are not all cash cows, but the total incomes of the projects together ease the financial burden.

Running projects are:

  • BG has a kennel for German shepards, for own security but also for selling.
  • As mentioned earlier, the BG-Primary school also is an income generating project.
  • For visitors from abroad, BG organizes tours and safaris. The commissions go to the institution. On the BG-compounds in Nyamira and Ruiru are guesthouses for short stay. Karibu !
  • Recently, a candles-project was started. Kindly check
  • Agriculture – on a 5 acre-farm BG is growing vegetables and fruits and maize. There is an irrigation system, a tractor, a greenhouse – and a small livestock of cows, pigs and chicken and also a fish pond for tilapia.