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BG-High Ruiru


In 2014 the Ruiru-home was rebuild into a high school, BG-High. From then on, the children who reside in one of the Blessed Generation-institutions, or are supported in its outreach programs, find admission in the high school,contrary to the initial system of selection of different categories of secondary schools in Kenya. Blessed Generation staff continues monitor the adolescents, to prevent drop out of school.

What’s special about BG-High ?

BG-High is relatively a young and progressively growing school, it’s a mixed boarding school (so no forced segregation of boys and girls). Students get high standard education, suitable for social and emotional growth, self confidence and can grow to be responsible and well educated Kenyans, with opportunities in life.

BG-High brings the Students in contact with the modern world, through computers, internet, new technologies and modern learning methods making use of smart boards, learning squares and project-oriented training. A BG-High student will be prepared to easily fit in colleges, universities or carriers of the 21st century.