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Blessed Generation Home Nyamira


Early 2008, Blessed Generation established a third charity project, in Nyamira (western Kenya) for victims of the post election violence. BG-Nyamira-home and primary school work closely with the local community.

In Nyamira there are 115 children in the Children Care Institution, 5 among them being total orphans. The primary school is also open for children from the Nyamira community. Around 350 children get free primary education as government initiative. BG-Nyamira has a 5 acre farm for sustaining the children.

Most of the children who live in BG-Nyamira are temporarily residing there, awaiting adoption or re-integration with relatives. There is a continuous interaction with the local Children’s Department, to bring the best solutions for child care. Around 55 children have no relatives who can be traced neither do the children who are going to be integrated elsewhere. Blessed Generation provides primary education and seeks for sponsors for high school, college and university levels too.

Blessed Generation shares with the community the supply of electricity and use of the newly drilled borehole within the school’s premises. The community also assists with the food program for the primary school.